Lakin’s Gorges Cheese

I have been making fresh and aged pasteurized cow’s milk cheeses since 2002.

I started Lakin’s Gorges Cheese in 2011, in leased space in Rockport, Maine, and have relocated to my own space at East Forty Farm and Dairy in Waldoboro, Maine.

I am best known for my basket ricotta, which is a firmer ricotta, unsalted and  milk sweet.  It is incredibly versatile. All of my other cheeses are made from original recipes.  

The bloomy rind cheeses are: Jig, which are 1 ounce pieces of joy; Medallion, aged only 2 weeks with a creamy texture and notes of fresh mushrooms; and Prix de Diane, a creamy and decadent cheese.  Introduced in 2019, Rockweed is a bloomy rind cheese with a ribbon of seaweed in the center. It was named one of the Top 10 Food in New England by Yankee Magazine.

The aged cheeses are: Opus 42, which is aged a minimum of 3 months and is buttery and slightly sharp; and Morgan, a hard cheese which is salt forward and grassy.  

Washed rind cheeses are bathed in brine, beer, wine or spirits.  I make brine washed Luna and Grandiflora.  Their strong aroma belies the sweetness and fruitiness within.  I also make custom washed cheeses, like the Purple Terroir made after the first crush at Cellardoor Winery.  

I make one blue, Cascadilla Bleu, that is  peppery and pungent.

There is a shop at the farm to buy cheese, or you can shop online. for nationwide shipping  Look for it in retail shops and on the menus of many area restaurants.  To find the cheese, go here.

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Lakin’s Gorges Cheese is also available for wholesale customers.  Please contact Allison for more information.

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